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Hysterosalpingogram Test (HSG)


A Hysterosalpingogram Test (HSG) is a special kind of x-ray used to evaluate female fertility. An outpatient procedure, the test takes no longer than a half-hour. It involves placing an iodine-based dye through the cervix and taking x-rays. These x-rays help evaluate the shape of the uterus and whether the fallopian tubes are blocked.
Hysterosalpingogram Test (HSG)

Why is Hysterosalpingogram Test (HSG) done?

Hysterosalpingography is an X-ray procedure that is used to view the inside of the uterus and fallopian tubes. It often is used to see if the fallopian tubes are partly or fully blocked. It also can show if the inside of the uterus is of a normal size and shape. All of these problems can lead to infertility and pregnancy problems.

HSG also is used a few months after some tubal sterilization procedures to make sure that the fallopian tubes have been completely blocked. HSG is not done if a woman has any of the following conditions:

• Pregnancy

• Pelvic infection

• Heavy uterine bleeding at the time of the procedure