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Electrocardiogram Test


An Electrocardiogram Test also known as ECG is a test in which sensors, attached to our skin, detect the electrical signals which are produced each time by our heart as it beats. A machine records these signals and then these signals are scrutinized by a doctor to find if they’re unusual.

Why is Electrocardiogram Test (ECG) done?

ECG may also be used to investigate symptoms of :

• Chest Pain
• Shortness of Breath
• Palpitations (Sudden Noticeable Heartbeats)
• Dizziness
• Other possible heart problems.

An ECG can also help in detecting :

• Coronary Heart Disease: Fatty substances build-up and interrupt/block heart’s blood supply.

• Cardiomyopathy : Walls of the heart becom enlarged or thickened.

• Arrhythmias : Beating of the heart is irregular – too slow or too quick

If we are already being diagnosed with a heart condition or taking medication that is known to potentially affect the heart, we can take a series of ECGs to monitor our heart condition.