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OPG Xray


A panoramic scanning dental X-ray of the lower and upper jaw is known as an Orthopantomagram or OPG. It is also referred to as Orthopantomagraph or by the proprietary name Panorex. In an OPG X-ray, we get a flattened two-dimensional view of a semi-circle from ear to ear. To make up the composite panoramic image, where the lower jaw or mandible and upper jaw or maxilla can be in the viewed area, panoramic X-rays allow images of multiple angles to be taken. The structures which are outside the viewed area are blurred.
OPG x-ray

Why is OPG X-ray done?

Orthopantomography is a technique used in dentistry to allow the dentist to view all their patient’s teeth and determine their number, position, and growth, including those that have not yet erupted. An OPG X-ray might be done to plan orthodontic treatment, to detect the presence or asses the development of wisdom teeth, to examine the jawbone, or for a general overview of the patient’s dental health